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Medusa is not content with her punishment brought down by the Gods! She has been trapped in the underworld . Enabled by the help of Persephone she is ready to attempt an escape from the underworld and Hades. But Persephone's god vision is incomplete. Can the two help each other find their way out of purgatory? 

This game is designed as an experimental installation game with a unique controller of  84 buttons, and two monitors. So it might be a bit difficult to use with other set-ups. However it should function with other set-ups in the near future. 

Game play Overview

The game play was designed to encourage constant communication between the players in an asymmetrical cooperative experience to navigate a maze filled with dangers.

The player playing as Persephone can see a top down view of the underworld but only one square at a time. She can see the objectives that Medusa will need to find in order to escape but not the dangerous enemies and walls of the maze.

The player playing as Medusa has a first person view of the map. She navigates by moving one map square at a time in any of the cardinal directions and can rotate her view. She can not see her objectives but can see the walls of the maze and the enemies. She will need to communicate with Persephone to smite the enemies and to find her way to the objectives and the exit.

Train Jam Team: 

Kelly Gawne - programming and design

Allison Salmon - programming and design

Steve Emberton - programming and level design

Nick Tiemeyer - environmental and item art

Alice Jooren - character art and design 

Dirk van de Rijt - level design

Josh Shaddon - music

Amanda Hudgins - hardware 

Off site translation provided by Gingy Gibson


RunBitchGetHelp.zip 28 MB

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