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Awhile ago, on a podcast I do not listen to, there was a discussion about a game nicknamed "TED Talk Simulator." The idea was that the game would feature randomized slides, randomized sounds, randomized lighting directions and then the speaker would be prompted to study and then give a talk based on a random Wikipedia entry. 

Left without a sure foot to stand on, the concept would be pretty funny, right? 

After trying that out based on the rules laid out in the podcast we found that this was not the most efficient way to play, that the images were frequently porn, and the Wikipedia entries were frequently difficult to make anything fun  off of. With that in mind, we created an efficient workflow that we are going to lay out for you here, as well as some sample slides in an attached zip file so you can do rad things without the risk of having like 10 slides made of porn and 1 line Wikipedia entry that you can't even begin to riff off of. 

To be 100% clear, this is simply a curation of potential slides -- of which I own none of the images -- and rules. This is in no way affiliated with TED (which seems rad) or Cool Games Inc (which aside from the one serial abuser seems pretty rad as well). Riff on this yourself! Make cool new things! Yell at me on Twitter to tell me that this actually sucks and your rule system is better! 


1 PDF of ruleset

19 Google Slides Presentations for Play/Reference 

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